A man once gathered a crowd at the edge of Niagara Falls as he stretched a cable across the river and began to push a wheelbarrow across the Falls. The people watched in awe as the man filled the wheelbarrow with rocks and proceeded to push it back and forth over the cable. The man then asked how many in the crowd believed he could push a person across the Falls in the wheelbarrow. Everyone in the crowd raised their hand. The man then asked, “Can I get a volunteer?” Of course, all hands went down! In many respects, our salvation experience is similar. It is not enough to realize that we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory, as the Bible teaches us. It is not enough to be sorry for our sins and have a desire to be a better person, though repentance is an essential ingredient.
It is not even enough to understand that Jesus lived a sinless life and died to pay for our sins and rose on the third day. What we must do is by faith, get in the “wheelbarrow”. That is, we must trust completely in Jesus to forgive our sins and save us. A head knowledge of the gospel is good, but it takes believing totally in our hearts in Christ alone for salvation to take place. That means we aren’t depending on good works, church membership, or anything else except the sacrifice of God’s Son on the cross to pay for our sins.
Are you disgusted with your sin and ready to make a change? Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ. Confess your sin and your desire to be forgiven. Trust completely in Christ alone to save you and make you a home in heaven. He will be glad to hear from you!